December is here and the Season is almost over- ONLY TWO TOURS LEFT FOR 2014

Not that we want this Season to end…but eventually we have to put “Gerty” to bed for the winter.


The eagles are now coming down from Alaska so the numbers have jumped back up to 2500 give or take this past weekend. (Dec 6).

The final two tours of the year are now booking and we are excited to see if we reach 5000, 6000 or more eagles in 2014.  We are so thankful for all of our guests this year we have had so many great adventures and another season of memories have been made.

So here it is- two tours left to book on for 2014. The tours are 90 minutes long, leaving from Harrison Mills with eagle viewing as the focus. I limit seating to allow a bit more space to move around for picture taking purposes.   Cost per person is $95

Photo by Christian Sasse November 2014

Photo by Christian Sasse November 2014

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