Water Taxi / Marine Services

Trust the crew that lives & works on the river year round

The Mighty Fraser and its tributaries are known locally as a challenging and ever changing river system.  Fraser River Safari Ltd has over 2000 hours on the river that includes every season and river level. We offer hourly, daily and weekly rates based on degree of difficulty and the area of scope of the work required.

Two vessels available for hire

The 26ft Safari Boat comes equipped with all the bells and whistles and was built for comfort and safety. It is also one of the most capable shallow water vessels in North America.

Rates start at $1200 base rate + $300 per additional hour *

The second vessel available is an open 22 foot aluminum work jet boat.   NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME

Rates start at $800 base rate + $150 per additional hour *

* GST and an additional fuel charges apply
Base rate includes 3 hours and the service of our experienced jet boat pilot

For more Information contact Captain Rob Chadwick
Tel #1-604-826-7361 info@fraserriversafari.com 

Trusted & Reliable our clients have included:


• Ministry of the Environment.

• Ministry of Forests 

• Heart of the Fraser.

• Local Municipalities