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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”~ Ansel Adams

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Nature at its finest– Getting access to the “wild” side of this province is not always easy, which is why a Fraser River Safari is a great way to get up close and personal to some of BC’s favourite wildlife.  Bears, herons, coyote, deer, ducks and thousands of eagles to name a few ,all this against the natural backdrop of green rivers, blue skies and snow capped mountains. Beautiful BC at its best.

Not just any boat – The Safari boat is climate controlled with large opening picture windows for that open boat feel without allowing any of the natural elements to affect the day.  For bird viewing, the boat also acts as a blind allowing our guests to get closer to the action than a regular boat or kayak might.  Alternatively. there is access to the front bow and even a gravel bar (river levels pending) for those who might be interested in that option.

Customer service is our strength– Fraser River Safari prides itself on delivering quality over quantity when it comes to our tours and is always mindful of keeping the photographers (of all skill levels) happy. Whenever possible we do not “rack and stack” the groups as we want everyone to truly enjoy the experience.  Our crew can also arrange a complimentary tour of Kilby Historic Site ( and a delicious meal option for groups.

When, where , how?  Tours are offered year round and can be booked by individuals or groups. The most popular tours are the eagle viewing tours that happen late October through December, however, all of our tours offer exceptional photo opportunities  If you have explored our site and still can’t decide what time of year is best for you, contact our booking office anytime. or Toll Free # 1-866-348-6877 Mission Tel # 1-604-826-7361

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