Fraser River Safari’s Mission Statement

Fraser River Safari’s goal is to assist in the sustainable management of the Fraser Valley to preserve its natural and historic attributes. Future development is based on the premise that today’s use shall not compromise the area for the generations that follow.

Ongoing Concerns:

The Fraser River is such an incredibly important river, both culturally and biologically that there are ongoing efforts to ensure its protection from over development and mismanagement.

The openings for salmon fishing (particularly Sockeye Salmon) are now few and far between.

One of the Fraser’s tributaries (the Harrison River) has been recently named Canada’s First Salmon Stronghold. Through this initiative, the healthiest and most productive salmon rivers receive special proactive attention to conserve and strengthen them, over reactive efforts into already damaged streams where salmon are declining in number.

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How we help:

By sharing our passion for this beautiful area and telling the story of the great salmon river to anyone who will listen we hope to keep the positive focus on the river and the Valley. Fraser River Safari Ltd. works with many not -for -profit organizations to help raise awareness of the incredible importance of the area so it does not become a case of “out of sight and out of mind”.

Fraser River Safari is a proud Sponsor of the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival and supports such initiatives as Heart of the Fraser, DU, Fraser Basin Council,  and the Salmon Stronghold