Eagle Watching Tours

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Please note: The eagle tours occur on the Harrison River and leave from a private beach location just south of Kilby Historic Site. Follow Kilby Rd down to the dead end, follow the path beyond the gate under the train bridge and the boat will be waiting on the beach.  The address for Kilby is 215 Kilby Rd, Harrison Mills, BC

These tours are bucket list worthy – The Fraser Valley is becoming world renowned as the over-wintering site for the largest gathering of bald eagles anywhere in the world. The heart of the event occurs along the Harrison River, this pristine and largely undeveloped estuary continues to have a strong salmon run each year and it is the salmon carcasses that become the primary food source for the eagles that gather there.

If bird watching is one of your hobbies, the chance to witness a gathering of raptors whose numbers can reach into the thousands, is something that should not be missed. The prime time for eagle viewing in the Valley begins at the end of October and can run into January, for the past three years, the peak numbers have been recorded mid-December.

Fraser River Safari Tours offer three options for eagle watching tours. Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival Tours are all 60-minute expeditions on the Harrison River. David Hancock of Hancock Wildlife joins the crew for several select eagle viewing tours as the guest speaker.  Finally, we have tour options available for photographers or groups that want just a bit longer to enjoy the eagles as we cruise the Harrison/Chehalis Estuary.

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I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful eagle safari today. It truly was one of those highlights that only come around occasionally. Much of it was the eagles, of course, but it was also the welcome you gave me and the knowledge and skill you shared with us.


I managed to get some superb shots of the birds and the scenery, so I’m very excited.


A huge thank you! And I will recommend you in my articles and my blog. Bravo!!



Julie H. Ferguson - Freelance travel writer and photographer